December 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here! Christmas is always an exciting time for us, especially being surrounded by children; but this year is especially exciting because we are anxiously waiting to move into the new house! We have been busy with meetings and talking over the final details with our builder and architect.

Today they started putting in windows and finished the floor downstairs. Wow what a change! It is starting to feel like a real home! It is hard to explain the emotions we feel when we go to the house. This has been a long journey, and we are so grateful for God’s faithfulness and for all of you who have stood with us through it all.

I remember when Enrique and I first got married, and we had nine children living in a rather small three bedroom condominium. Nine children turned into thirteen children and we were all packed in. Those were happy times, but not having enough room for the kids made things very difficult too. So now, after eleven years of planning and waiting, it is so wonderful to see the place God has made for us! All of the children who have been with us are excited to come and celebrate with us when we finally get moved in.

Sometimes we wonder why we have to wait -- we want things right away! But one thing I have learned is that life is about the journey, and what God does in you while you wait. It isn’t when you began something or even when you finish something where all the learning takes place -- it is in the middle! My husband likes to say it is like a hamburger: it isn’t about the bread on top or the bread on the bottom; all the flavor is in the middle! (My husband happens to love hamburgers and this makes us laugh, but it is so true!!)

Waiting makes us humble and flexible; it builds character and gives us a heart to understand others. It prepares us for the task ahead! And we know we have a great task ahead of us. Preparing to take in more children to be a part of our family is a great responsibility. We are praying for just the right people to work with us, who love children and can be part of our team.

We would ask for your prayers at this time that we can finish everything and have a smooth transition into the new house. There have been a lot of surprises along the way and many things we have had to work through. A move is always a big thing and with a big family, it can be stressful.

Please pray for peace and strength and the resources to finish so we can move in. What a wonderful gift! We hope to be able to start work on the next phase of building soon. Our prayer is that these houses will be home for many children for generations to come.

We pray you all will have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed time with your families. Our children pray for you daily and we are so touched at your love and faithfulness to us. Thank you for taking part in this wonderful journey with us. Merry Christmas!!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

P.S. Please continue to support Hidden Treasures in your prayers and in your giving in a special way this month. All gifts to Hidden Treasures are tax-deductible. For more information on Hidden Treasures, including NEW pictures of the construction project, visit:

HOW TO BE A PART OF THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT If you or your church would like to participate in a mission trip to work with the ongoing Costa Rica Hidden Treasures Children's Home construction project, please contact Ronald Gray: 251.533.4150 (cell) or

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November 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

When we love a child, it has a ripple effect that goes on and on….it changes generations to come. We hope to be finished with the first house we are building for children in December. I quess one of the most frequent things that people ask me is, “How many children will you be able to have in your home?” Wow, I wish every time I could say hundreds or more! I quess it sounds better and people like hearing big numbers.

But after many trips to Guatemala, working in orphanges and working here in Costa Rica, I realized it isn’t simply about “quantity” but quality. Putting hundreds of kids together in one big building doesn’t work, and the truth is that quality comes with time.

We have had more than sixteen children live in our home; and five we have adopted and raised for ten years now. I see after all these years the ripple effect my children are having on others. Almost all the children who have lived here we continue to see and talk to regularly; most of them are walking with the Lord. They are touching many lives each day. When we reach out to someone, especially a child, we are changing many multiplied lives forever. They can go out and become more than we could ever imagine…even be president or change a country! We don’t know what could happen!

I remember when Nelson, our oldest son, came to us; he was only eight. He was so angry and mad at the world. He tried to punch me when I asked him to clean his room. He refused to do what I asked and sat with his arms folded, mad as he could be, just staring at the wall. How could I ever know, eleven years later, Nelson would be so thoughtful and loving, always thinking of me and putting others before himself. I will never forget one day when Nelson said to me, “Mom if you and Dad had not given me a home, I would be on the streets or dead by now.” I have often wondered where the children would be now, and it reminds us once again of how important a family is.

We want to give the highest possible quality of care through love and a family. Hidden Treasures isn’t just about helping a child to survive, but meeting all the needs of a child and building a relationship through famliy. Yes, this requires more time and a greater investment, but we believe the investment has a much greater effect and empowers a child to be ready to go out in the world and do the same!

Each home we build will house no more than ten children so we can give each of them the love and attention they need. We are working hard on getting the first home finished. Working on the details requires a lot of work and many decisions. Please pray we will get it finished by December and have the money to start on the second home.

We have many other needs, including more funds for a van, and our regular monthly expenses. Enrique and I are excited about taking in more children, and we know God has already decided who will be coming to join our family before too long. All of these things require more resources. Please continue to remember us in your budget.

We ask that you pray God will expand our donor base and new people could hear about the children’s home. The government office here has been very open to us, for which we are so grateful. They have a great need to have a place for children. A lady the other day that has worked for the government told me many times they have had to turn away children or even leave them on the streets because there was nowhere to take them. This happens regularly, but it is something that is kept “officially” quiet.

This is a big time and there is so much to do. We are trusting in the Lord and believe He will finish what He has started. We thank you so much for your love and support. It means so much to us and the children. When you love just one child, it is then passed from person-to-person and community-to-community and its impact is greater than we will ever know!

Much Love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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October 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I like the saying that says, “Difficult things take a long time, imposible things a little longer!” When we are faced with a challenge, sometimes we just have to perservere a little bit more.

This has been a challenging month for us. We have been trying for more than three months now to get a loan from the bank to finish the Children’s Home that we are building. It is not easy getting loans here and can be very time-consuming. Many days we have been waiting in long lines for papers and important documents that the bank needed. Just when we thought we had everything, they would send us back to another office and to another line for another paper.

Waiting in lines is part of life here, but I don’t think it is something you ever really get used to or enjoy. God sent us a wonderful man who works in several banks here who has helped us. We are grateful we got the loan and are able to continue on the work at the house. We are now coming to the end, and we are working on the kitchen and bathrooms, and putting in the floors. It has been quite an adventure -- we have definately learned a lot! Yesterday, Enrique and our boys were out at the property unloading the flooring for the downstairs. They worked hard all day. We are very pleased at the progress, and our goal is to be moved in the home before Christmas.

We had a scare at the beginning of the month when a young man, who has been working on our house since the beginning, fell from the roof onto a pile of concrete blocks. I know many of you prayed, and we are so grateful he is doing well. Enrique spent several days with him in the hospital and was by his side. Everyone said it was a miracle he survived the fall. He broke his jaw and is healing up very well. He told Enrique how much he loved his work and especially how the groups who have come to help have changed his life. He asked Enrique to please let him keep working. Enrique was surprised, because in no way did we want him to go. Enrique has had many opportunities to pray and share with him . He has no family, and our kids have loved and reached out to him. He is only eighteen. We are grateful to God for His protection and care for the workers there. They are a wonderful group of men, and we have been so blessed to have honest good men working on the home!

Recently, I got a call about a young mother who has a terminal blood disease. She has three children, and the oldest, who is eleven, is taking care of her six-year-old sister and two-year-old baby brother while their mother is in bed. This broke my heart! A friend of ours has gone to visit the family to see how we all can help. We are going this week to pray with her and meet the children. Please pray for God’s wisdom and strength. This is a very difficult situation and there does not seem to be anyone in that family who is willing to take care of the kids. We know God can heal, too, and we would ask for your prayers for this young lady . Please pray that the Lord would provide for the children.

We don’t have all the resources we need, but we know that God does, and we know all things come from Him! A song came to my mind today thinking about all these things and the challenges we face. Many of you will remember the song “Ah, Lord God” which says, ”Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing is too difficult for Thee!” There is nothing imposible for God!

May I ask also for you to please be in prayer that we can raise the money to finish the home and start on the second home, as well as being able to meet our most basic living and outreach expenses. We need a small place for Ana, Enrique’s mother to live. She is our helper and would be one of the primary caregivers for the children who will come. We also need a van (we have partial funds generously donated thus far to help us get one). What we have now is an older and unreliable seven-passenger van; many times we have to take two cars to go anywhere. We will need to increase our monthly support to be able to care for more children in our home.

We thank you all for your love and support to us! You are near and dear to our hearts and are in our prayers every day! God gave me a very encouraging verse this morning so I will share it with you: “Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised” (Hebrews 10:36).

Blessings to you and your families,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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September 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Andy Andrews, one of my favorite authors, says, “There are generations yet unborn, whose very lives will be shifted and shaped by the moves you make and the actions you take.” We have a great responsibility in the things we do and how we do them. I believe every day we are planting seeds in the people around us, and what we say and do has a great effect on what they become.

One of the first children to come and live with us was a young girl named Flor. She was the oldest child we had ever received into our home; she had just turned thirteen. We wondered if things would be harder with her because she had been through so much, but we welcomed her and loved her like a daughter. She had escaped from several government orphanages before coming to us. She had been terribly abused by members of her own family and was confused; she thought finding a boyfriend was her way out. She was a beautiful young girl and we knew finding a boyfriend would be easy for her, but that it could be a problem for her in the end. She became part of our family and all the younger children looked up to her. Her brother came to live with us too. They were very happy together.

She gave her life to the Lord, but still it seemed she was always struggling. She confided in me and we stayed up many nights praying together. Things were very hard at times, but we trusted the Lord with her life. After living almost two years in our home, one day we got an unexpected call from the government office. They said she and her brother would have to be moved again into another government- run home. It broke all our hearts and we tried to fight for them; we even thought of adoption, but the social worker said that was out of the question because Flor was “too old” and we were “too young”. In the end, we had to let them go.

We lost all contact with her, but we heard she had escaped again and soon was expecting her first child. We felt sad and sometimes even wondered if we had done anything to help her life. We again gave her to the Lord and trusted that one day, the seeds we had planted would grow, and her life would change. We stayed in contact with her brother; he went on to study and eventually worked nearby our home. He still calls us Mommy and Poppi and we see him often. He is now twenty-one, and all grown up.

To our surprise just a few weeks ago, Flor found us! We didn’t know she had been looking. She wrote me and Enrique, thanking us for everything we had done for her, and she spoke of the Lord in her life. She has four children now, and has been through a lot. Every day this week, I have received an e-mail from her telling me that she loves me and that I will always be her mother. We hope to see her soon. She lives three hours from our home. It has been almost ten years since I have seen her. Our hope is in the Lord, even when we cannot see. My job is to look into the future and see someone, not as they are, but what they could become!! I know many of you have prayed for Flor and loved her from the very beginning and I wanted to share this with you!

This has been such a busy time for us. School has started again and we are back in the routine of very early mornings and homework. We have one child in pre- school and one in grammar school and two middle school. Our three oldest children are in college and working. Please pray for strength as Enrique’s dad has been very sick again. Enrique has been taking him to treatments at the hospital mornings and nights. He is very thin and frail but his health has improved some this week….which we are very grateful! We thank you for all your prayers!

We recently had groups here from Mobile and Houston. They came to work on the house, handling electrical and ceiling work. We could not believe how much they were able to do in just a week and were so blessed by their visit. Many of the people who came have been supporting us for years and are dear friends. Two of the ladies, who came, Thelma New and Ina Canterbury, have known me since I was just a baby, and they worked hard cleaning and helping their husbands install the electricity. We were very encouraged by their visit; the ladies loved and hugged on me and the kids like we were their own!

It was so encouraging for me to have friends here who have been part of things from the very beginning! Each group that comes brings something special and encourages us to keep on going. We are so grateful for all of these friendships and relationships!

Please continue to pray that our loan from the bank will go through. We have been approved; we are just waiting for the money. We want to be able to continue on the house. Also pray we can get a new car. Our small van has had all kinds of problems and we need something different. We have some funds in hand now that a donor generously provided toward this goal. God is faithful and He knows our needs. We are amazed at the progress we are making on the new house and we couldn’t do this without you. We pray every day for the new little ones that will come to live there and be part of our family. Because of your love and support, generations to come will be changed and effected by your faithfulness. We love and appreciate you!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We sure do hope you are all doing well and having a great summer! I would like to give you an update on how things are going here and share with you what God has put on my heart.

Recently, Enrique went with a friend of ours up in the mountains to visit an orphanage here. When Enrique arrived, he noticed was it was a nice place, unlike many government-run orphanages here, with room for the children to run and play outside. Although the grounds were nice and the children seemed to have everything they needed, Enrique couldn’t help to notice the children seemed sad. Enrique began to play ball with one of the boys, who asked Enrique where he was from. Enrique said,” I live in Escazu.” Suddenly, the boy’s face lit up and he said, “That is where I live!” He was so excited He ran and hugged Enrique and said,” I am so happy to meet you!” The boy felt a connection and from that moment on he stayed by Enrique’s side the rest of the day. Everyone needs to feel like they are a part of something. It can be a city or a town that brings us together or something we have in common. But the most important thing we can give to a child is a family! Although the orphanage looked to have everything they needed, the children didn’t really feel like they belonged…..they were still looking for a family.

Living with a group of people is very different from finding a real family. Someone once said, ”It is not flesh and blood but the heart that makes us fathers and sons.” It is something that takes place in the heart when we receive a child. Every child has to feel they belong and that they are no longer an orphan and alone. They must know a family is not for a few years and then you’re out…a family is forever!

Please be praying for us that we can raise enough money to finish the first children’s home, and the homes we are planning to build in the future. Enrique has been working to get a loan from the bank to finish this home, and it looks like we have been approved; for that we are very grateful. We want to finish as much as we can without getting into much debt and we want to pay things off as quickly as we can. We know that God is faithful and He will provide. We ask that you would be praying and that people would be able to give.

When we finish the first home, we are planning to take in more children. We are happy to say we have had several really good meetings with the government, and God has opened doors to find the right people there. In order to take in more children, we will need help. As many of you know, Ana (Enrique’s mother) has been our biggest helper, and without her we would not be able to do all we are doing. Many weekends, we have more children that stay with us, and she helps with cooking and tending to the little ones; especially when we have meetings with builders and government officials. She has been a true joy and has a servant’s heart. We need a place for her, and are praying she can live right on the land next to us. This would require a small home for her. When we take in more children and our family begins to grow, we will need her there. I love being with the children, but I know I cannot do it alone, as Enrique will be increasingly tied up in meetings and work outside the home during the day. This is a big concern, and Ana is a BIG part of what we are doing. Please pray we can build her a small place there so she can be close to us!

We have groups from the USA who are ready and lined up to come in March, and want to start on the second home. We need to pay for a permit for the house and get materials. After meeting with social workers and government officials, we have seen how frustrated they seeing so many children who are in desperate need of a home; but, they have nowhere to put them. We feel like this is the Lord’s time, and we just need for many to pray with us. We even have people interested in being parents to these children…pray for wisdom and guidance for all the decisions we are making! And one more prayer request: please pray for us to have strength and good health. Sometimes we do get tired and run down. We have learned that we have to take breaks, but we need lots of energy to keep up with many children and all the work ahead. We feel your prayers and support; without you, we could not do the work. We love and need you, and we know if we all work together, we can change many lives for generations to come!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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July 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Everyone has a story and many people in the world start out life with terrible problems and difficulties. But the good news is this: your story may not have a happy beginning, but that does NOT make you who you are. It is the rest of your story.....who God makes you to be that counts! If this were not true there would be no hope for all the children who are born each day in abuse and neglect. Our very own children were born in terrible poverty and neglect, but thank the Lord His plans were different! They were given to us and we gave them to the Lord. When God changes us, all things are possible. We don't have to be like our earthly parents or anyone who came before, but the goal is to be more and more like our Father in heaven.

I love hearing people's testimonies! I believe it is so important to share our testimonies because it causes people's faith to rise to see what God can do. Sharing your testimony gives people the strength to move forward in all God has for them. I remember when we were kids, we loved to hear my Dad's testimony. We would laugh and sit mesmerized at all the stories he would tell us, about when he was a rebellious teen, and how God brought him out of all that and showed him His purpose.

Recently, I was asked to share my testimony at the church here. For several months, I had been reflecting on how I got here and what God had done in my life and the children's lives. By the time I got up to share, I really had to hold back the tears, and I was overwhelmed to think of God's mercy and love. As I shared about the children who have been in our home, I saw many ladies wiping their eyes. It wasn't because of what I was saying but it was because of the greatness and faithfulness of God!

When we see the construction progress of our new Children's Home, it is just another testimony to God's faithfulness. This month we have two groups coming to help build, and more groups coming in August. Please pray we will continue to have all the funds that are needed. Not only are we building, but we continue to reach out to children in needy areas in San Jose. We want to be able to continue our work there as well. We still have children who visit us regularly on week-ends and look to us for guidance and support.

Enrique has been meeting with our lawyer in the government offices here to get everything ready to be able to receive more children when our home is finished. It is a lot of work and many papers must continually be filled out, but we are working on being a privately-run home. The people here have been very helpful so far and would like to have a home where they could place more children. Many of the government-run homes here are overcrowded with children. We are praying that all our meetings will go well and God would open the hearts of the people working in these offices.

Our daughter Daniela will be going for the summer to Chicago to serve and learn at Dr. John Sullivan's church. We are so excited for her since she has worked so hard and saved up her money. Her heart's desire is to serve and work with kids. She will be helping out with their summer camps and serving wherever she is needed. We have been close to Dr. Sullivan over the years and he has given us so much love and support. We are so grateful Daniela will get this chance to grow and learn and come back much better for it!

We want to thank you for all your love and faithfulness. Without you, our work could not been done. You all are in our thoughts and prayers! Visit the CSM Discussion Forum for pictures of the children and the home at For more information about how your church or group can participate in a mission to Costa Rica, please contact Ronald Gray: 251.533.4150 (cell) or

Please continue to remember us in your prayers and in your giving. In addition to the construction needs, we face daily challenges for feeding, clothing, schooling, and offering other care for so many different children. We appreciate everyone who stands with us.

Much love and blessings,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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June 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Now that we are getting closer to finishing our new home, we are thinking more and more about the new children who will come and live there. They will become part of our family! God has been speaking to us about loving these new little ones and this is what He has put on my heart. I feel God is challenging us more than ever to love with a greater love that can only come from Him.

Many of you will remember the song that we sang growing up that says, "This is my commandment, that you love one another that your joy may be full" In John 15:12 Jesus says our joy will overflow if we love one another! Many times we may not feel like loving someone, but love is not an emotion; it is a decision we make in obedience to God!

I love what Abraham Lincoln said, "I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." It is in our walk with someone that God reveals His love, but we must be willing to take the first step, no matter what our feelings may be, and keep on going. Enrique and I will never forget little Susanna. She came into our home right out of having to be in the hospital. She was only six years old. Her father had burned her with a hot frying pan because she had "misbehaved".

She was thin and frail, with thinning hair. She would not speak a word to anyone in the house. She acted very strangely, eating markers and trying to scratch the other children while they slept. Many nights, I feel asleep on a chair beside her bed watching over the other children. "Lord, help me to love her," was my prayer each night. Every day I cleaned her little bottom and put on new bandages. Tears would well up in me to see her thin frail body. We talked with her, as did all the kids but not a word came out of her month.

Every day we would sing with all the kids and listen to praise and worship music. We could tell how much she loved it. One Sunday at church, to our surprise, she began to sing. She sang at the top of her lungs! All the kids looked in amazement...she finally spoke. The Lord filled her with joy - we all all filled with joy that day. Susanna put on weight and her hair thickened up. The social workers were amazed to see how she had changed when they came for visits. "What have you done?" they would ask. It is amazing what God does when we choose love!!

Enrique and I got married eleven years ago this May. We had taken in eleven children in a small three bedroom condominium. We are so excited to think of the space we will have in our new home, where children can run and play outside and not be cramped in a small space. With every new block that is laid and every wall that goes up, we realize we are closer to the vision that God gave us so many years ago.

We are so grateful to the teams that have come to help build. Ronald Gray was just here with a group from Griffin Georgia. We have three more groups coming very soon. The last group finished stuccoing the second floor! It is so exciting to see things taking shape and coming together. Please pray we will have the money to finish the first home and then began on the second home. There are so many children out there suffering, just like little Susanna was and are in need of a family and most of all love!

I remember a lady once said to me, "Well if the kids are not good I guess you can tell them you will take them back to where they came from." It was like a knife going through my heart to think she actually would think that, much less to say it! God sometimes puts people in our lives that are not so lovable but we will never know what He wants to do in them and in us if we give up and take the easy road out.

We know will face many challenges ahead, but we choose love! We appreciate all your love and the sacrifices you have made for us and the children. Our lives have been blessed because of you and we are so grateful.


Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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May 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Jesus once said, "You do not understand what I am doing now but you will later!" (see John 13:7). It is hard when we are going through a difficult season and we can't see or understand all that the Lord is doing, but when we look back and see all that He has done, it is AMAZING! It gives me great comfort to know that I don't have to understand and HE is in control.

There are so many people in need and everyone faces challenges. God has really been speaking to us about putting our faith in action and reaching out to people in a practical way. Every Wednesday night, we have a Bible study with our family and some friends. God has been showing up in a big way! We have seen how this time to share with our children has challenged them to reach out to others.

Recently one of our daughters came to the meeting with a prayer request and Enrique said, "It is great to keep praying for this family but what are you willing to do personally to help?" Sometimes we pray and pray but many times God is calling us to move out and be the answer to someone's prayer.

Many of you have heard the song that says "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord/I want to see you." But where will we see Him? It is not necessarily sitting at home or sometimes even in a church building, but it is when we are OUT serving others that we find Him!

Enrique was recently asked to speak for the youth at our church. He felt so blessed to be able to share what the Lord has put on his heart. The Lord really blessed the meeting. Doors continue to open for encouraging young people.

We are very excited about what the Lord is doing here and in the lives of our children. We recently had another group come and help us on the building project. This group was very special to me because they were from the Covenant Church in Mobile, where I grew up. They worked so hard stuccoing all the walls downstairs. For a week they were up early and stayed late into the evening, working to get it finished. Enrique was out each day working with them.

One thing we have found to be so true is the relationships we are building with the people are just as important as the house we are building! We have been so blessed by the people who have come and taken time off their jobs and left their families at home in order to serve the children's ministry here. We want this house we are building to be a blessing and refuge for many children in the future...that is our prayer!

The Scripture says, "What if your brother or sister is without clothes and food. If one of you say to him 'Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,' but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?" (see James 2:15-17). The Lord is challenging us to reach out and be the hope that someone needs, share the weight and load that someone else has to bear. Cloth the naked and feed the hungry. These are the things close to God's heart.

We want to thank you so much for standing with us. You have blessed us and so many with your love and support. I wish you all could go out and see the progress we are making on the land--it is beautiful! You are all a big part of this and we appreciate your faithfulness!

Much love and blessings,

Enrique and Charlyn

P.S. Please continue to support Hidden Treasures in your prayers and in your giving this month. For more information on Hidden Treasures, including NEW pictures of the construction project, visit:

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April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Winston Churchill said, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference!" In a big family with lots of kids, having the right attitude is something we have to work on daily. I am so grateful to my parents for helping me to see the importance of having a good attitude. I remember growing up, my mother would say to me," wipe that ugly look off your face right now!" In other words, get happy and change your attitude! I knew a lot of negative ugly talk was unacceptable and it was something she did not want to be around. For the last few weeks, our family has been studying about having a good attitude and being grateful in all situations. Let's face isn't easy, and it is something we all have to work on every day!

In our home, each one of our children has jobs they do around the house to help out each day. Recently, Ruth was given the job to wash and dry the breakfast dishes before school. It wasn't a job she was thrilled about having, and she let me know each morning by the sad, grumpy, grouchy face she had as she slowly washed the dishes. After about a week of seeing her face, I let her know she would have to change her attitude. "Ruth," I said, "what you are doing is very important to me and it is such a big help...put a smile on your face and get it done!"

The next day, I heard Ruth up early, and then the clinging and clanging of the dishes. To my surprise, when arrived to the kitchen, it was spotless. Ruth was rushing around the kitchen cleaning up a storm. "Good morning Mom. Guess what I decided... cleaning the dishes is not something I have to do but it is something I want to do."

"Wow what a difference," I said. She too was so excited to see how her change of attitude could change her whole morning. Now I even find her singing and dancing early in the mornings, washing and drying the dishes!

Recently, we had another group from Grace Temple (Hattiesburg, MS) come to help us on the home we are building. We were so blessed by each one that came. We had a mix of all ages, from 16 to 72, but each one worked so hard. They poured the concrete on the second floor and carried up blocks for the walls. It was hard work! They finished several walls upstairs. We were amazed at all the work they were able to get done in only a week.

Our older kids got a day off of their own jobs and went to work with the Grace Temple team. They were so blessed to get to know each one and work side by side. On the last night, we ate together and took communion. Each person shared and told what the week had meant to them. We shed some tears and were all deeply touched. My children were amazed at the love and support from each one. The young people worked as hard as the older ones...and each one did so with an attitude of love and joy! It blew me away to see the group all seated in church and to think they had come just to help us, many giving up their Spring break and time off with their families.

One man has come with all three groups to work and serve. There are no words to express how grateful we feel. We have come to know and love him very much. Enrique was out most days working with them, and although he came home tired and covered in cement, he was so happy and encouraged from spending the day with them. The love and support we have felt from them has been such a blessing and was much-needed, to lift us up and keep us going!

On the last day that the group worked, they gathered to pray over the home before they left. It had been raining and all of sudden a big beautiful rainbow appeared over the house. Many of them took pictures. It was a beautiful sight!

I believe our attitude is the key to everything we do. We can alter our life by altering our attitude. We can't change many things in life, but we can always change our attitude! I am so grateful to each and every one of you who have stood with us. I know many of you can't come here, but your love and prayers are felt here by us and it means so much!

Please continue to pray that all of our financial needs will be met. We have so much more to do! In early April, we will have a group coming from the Covenant Church of Mobile. We are very much looking forward to having them here. Please pray they will have good weather and a safe journey. We want to thank Ronald Gray for all he is doing to help bring groups here. He has encouraged and blessed us so much! If you or your church would be interested in being part of a mission trip to Costa Rica to assist with the Children's Home construction, please contact Ronald at: 251.533.4150 (cell) or

We will be giving more updates in the CSM Discussion Forum Hidden Treasures Section at, on the Charles Simpson Ministries Facebook Page, and on our new Hidden Treasures Facebook page. You can see recent pictures of the children, the building site, and the teams. We are so excited about what all God is doing and thank you so much for being a part of our family!

Much love,

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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March 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Just a few nights ago when I was tucking my little girls in the bed Mabel and Ruth begin to tell me how excited they were to think one day we would have room at our new house for more children. Being the little teacher that she is, Mabel said “ I just can’t wait to teach them all kinds of things” “ We will just love them to pieces won’t we mom.” We are all so excited to think of the little ones that will one day be part of our family and we feel so blessed to see all God is doing!

After working in a precaurio for several years and visiting many orphanages in Central America, God showed me the most important thing missing from these children’s lives-- was a family. Family changes lives! God put it on my heart to start a children’s home. Enrique and I started a family and had twelve abandoned children living with us in our small three bedroom condo. I always had a picture in my heart of a cozy warm home on a big farm with animals and a garden. So now when we go out to the building site it is such an emotional and wonderful thing to see!! Words really cannot express how happy and grateful we are to see the progress being made on the home. Yesterday they put on the second floor. It was so exciting! We see the house taking shape and can imagine ourselves there. Every time we go we get more excited to think of what God is doing and what He will do. We imagine the new children God will bring into our home and the other homes we will build, and how each child will be changed by having a family!!

We have had two groups from Grace Temple Church come and in march another group will be coming with Ron Gray. The groups have been such a blessing. We can only afford to have three or four men working each day so when we have, a big group come, in it makes things go faster and more work gets done. We are also building long lasting friendships that will be with us for years to come.

I am amazed at the people and families supporting us, kids who are raising money on their own and sending it here so we can finish. One young girl has taken a big interest in the playground we want to build. She said she is going to figure out a way to raise money to get it built and then come here herself and help build it!! These stories have really touched us and our family. It has been a long bumpy road to get here but God has taught us so much. That is why going out to the property is such a joy for us!! So many of you have stood with us for years and are now rejoicing with us. A few Sundays ago we did a skype call with a whole church. They had us on the big screen to talk about what we are doing. We could feel their excitement too and the joy they had for us! It blessed our family so much.

We would ask for your prayers so we can finish the first home and begin on the second home. We have a lot left to do…..landscaping, a fence, a playground and a soccer field. Enrique wants to continue his work with the soccer teams. This has been a great way to reach out to young guys. Please pray for wisdom and strength too. We have our eight children and there are many more who look to us for guidance. It is a big responsibility and many nights we are up talking and praying with somebody. We want to thank you so much for all your love and support. We could not do our work without you. I will be posting new pictures on Facebook and the CSM website. Please be on the lookout for new updates. Thank you!!

Much Love, Enrique and Charlyn

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February 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Here in Costa Rica it is common to see many people walking on the streets. Many people walk to and from work every day. Enrique walked everywhere growing up here and just like most people, he walked to and from work. One day on his way home from work he saw a little old lady carrying several grocery bags. Although he was tired and ready to go home, he stopped and asked if he could carry her bags home for her. She was relieved and happily handed the bags over to him. Thinking her house must be close by, he walked with the lady down the road. Some of his friends stood by and laughed as he passed down the street. The bags were heavy and he wondered what in the world she had in them. The farther along they went, the heavier the bags seemed. He started to get frustrated and wanted to throw the bags and run! After climbing what seemed to be a mountain, he arrived at the lady’s home….almost forty –five minutes later. He knew now he had to make the trip back to his house.

The Bible says in Matthew 5:41, “If someone forces you to go with him one mile, go with him two miles.” Walking with someone in life isn’t easy and helping them carry a load can be hard. Sometimes we may want to throw in the towel and run, and we may have people who laugh at us for helping. But the rewards are great! Almost every day, we have the opportunity to reach out to someone in need. The question is, will we and how far are we willing to go? Sometimes the problem may seem too great. “Oh that child has been abused he will never be normal,” or “That man has been on drugs; I better not get involved,” or “What is wrong with them? They can’t even get a job!” These are things people say. They give up before they reach out. And the judging comes before the loving. One thing I have learned is with God, all things are possible! There is hope for the lost and the needy, no matter how great the problem may seem.

Each child that has come into our home has a story; most of the time, a terrible one. It can be overwhelming to hear, but we know God is the one changing lives, not us. We just must have a willing and open heart to make the journey.

In December, right after Christmas, we had another group from Grace Temple Church come to help us build our home. Pastor Dwayne Higgason brought a group of young people down. During that week, we had record low temperatures and what felt like freezing rain up at the property. Every morning, they were up early and working hard in the foggy, rainy weather. Enrique and some of the kids went out to help, bringing soup and warm lunches. We were so worried, and felt so bad they had to work in such terrible conditions. They were an amazing group, never complaining, not even once, and only came to encourage and serve. The last night, we all had communion together and each person had a chance to share about the trip. We were so blessed and felt such love and support, knowing that they are going the extra mile with us. We cannot do this alone, that is for sure, and the road has been long and a bit bumpy at times! But God has done great things, and will do so much more. We are already thinking and praying for the next children who will come and live with us in other homes in the future -- homes we are planning to build. It is so exciting!

There are more than 2000 bible verses talking about the poor and the needy. This is something very close to God’s heart. Matthew 25:31-46 are such powerful verses. We have to keep feeding the hungry and reaching out to the needy. God makes that very clear. He says “I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” It is very exciting to know we are all working together. Thank you for letting me open my heart to you and share what the Lord has been saying to me. And thank you for going the extra mile with us and our family. We pray many blessings for you and your family.

Please continue to pray. We are making good progress on the home, but still have much to do. We are making big decisions every day with our lawyers and architects. Enrique is at the work site most days. Pray also for financial support for the building project and all other financial needs. We continue to reach out to young people, and have many who stay in our home during the week and on weekends. Enrique is reaching out to several young guys who need so much guidance. We need prayer for wisdom and strength to walk with them. Thank you! We love and appreciate you!

Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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January 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We hope you all have a blessed and wonderful new year! It amazes me when I look back on the last year and see all that God has done. Enrique always says we should never forget where we have come from and where God has brought us. It helps us have mercy and grace for everyone around us.

As you may know, a young man named Byron has been living with us for several months. Enrique met him many years ago near San Jose. He spent many evenings in our home and hungered for the love of a real family. Some nights he would call late and Enrique would talk to him for hours trying to encourage him with all the abuse and neglect he faced from his family. He thought of Enrique as his father. We never saw a child that was so determined to make a better life for himself. He and Enrique prayed together that God would open up new opportunities for him. He struggled in school and could barely keep his grades up with all the stress from home.

We heard of a German technical school that was started to help underprivileged kids. They give away more than 300 scholarships each year for boys and girls who are bright but can’t make it in school do to difficulties at home. Byron was reluctant to go, but Enrique encouraged him to take the entrance test. We were all so excited when he got in. He had very strict teachers and was taught the importance of being on time; he was locked out of the class and made to clean the school if he was even a minute late. We have seen such a change in Byron. His teachers loved him and taught him the value of hard work. He has been studying to be a mechanic and loves everything about cars!

But his problems began to worsen at home; he did not know if he would be able to graduate. There were many times he wanted to give up. He left home and came to live with us. Many nights we were up late praying, and talking while we did the dishes at night. It was if he had not talked in years and had bottled everything up, and now it was pouring out of him. He was so grateful for listening ears and a new home. I felt the Lord say to me listen to him and give him your time. Sometimes I had to drop everything and take time to listen, but I knew that was what he needed.

He had to work in a shop working on cars in order to graduate. His boss was hard, but a good man and saw good possibilities in him. Enrique told him “Go the extra mile, have a good attitude and be humble and always willing to learn. These are the things that will help you go far.” He did just that, and the boss was very pleased. He sent him to special courses and made time to teach him new things. Byron came home filthy, covered in grease, but happy as he could be every night. We all encouraged him to keep up the good work!

He passed with flying colors and he invited us to be his honored guests at his graduation. Enrique went with him to buy him a new suit. He could not even imagine himself in a suit and laughed at the thought. I told him get used to it because you are going places! He practiced at home walking and receiving his diploma. It was quite a sight to see.

The graduation was so sweet because everyone there had worked to overcome hardships in life. I cried during the graduation when I thought of God’s faithfulness in Byron’s life. We met when he was only eleven and here he was, eighteen and graduating. He got a call from his boss the next day; they wanted to hire him full-time and give him a raise. He was so happy. We told him: never ever forget where you have come from and where God has brought you!

Our words are like seeds that are planted. We can’t reach everyone and not all people listen, but when you find someone like Byron who is determined to make it, that is what it’s all about!! Enrique has been encouraging Byron to get out on his own, and although he will be very much part of our family, he will be renting his own place soon.

Sometimes the phone rings late at night or a child needs to talk for hours or cry on your shoulder. It isn’t always easy, but God calls us to listen and be there for one another. When the world judges us for our mistakes and failures, God is there to pick us up and put us on a new path. We are so blessed to be able to see lives being changed and God’s faithfulness and love through it all.

We appreciate you standing with us! We are still busy and working hard on the building project. We will have another group from Grace Temple church here working this week and we are so grateful for all they are doing. Soon we will be starting on the second floor. Please pray for our finances so we can finish the first home. We are trusting God to start on the second home soon. We have a lot to do, but we put it all in God’s hands. You have been so faithful and you are a part of our family! We pray you will be blessed in this new year.


Enrique and Charlyn Mejia

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