Give to Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures exists because of donors such as you. Many times on our journey we could not see how we could go forward. Each step has required provision. From our beginning until now, Hidden Treasures has not held or operated out of cash reserves, we operate solely by faith, sweat and tears. We believe there is no better return on investment than to impact a child's life and we hope you'll agree. We offer you our heartfelt thanks from our team and all in our care. We ask that you please pray for us and share with others what we are doing. Lord bless you!

All giving to Hidden Treasures is tax deductable. Hidden Treasures is presently organized as an outreach of CSM Publishing also known as Charles Simpson Ministries which maintains a nonprofit 501C3 status. Although CSM currently assists Hidden Treasures administratively, 100% of your gift here will go towards Hidden Treasures efforts. CSM does not withhold any funds for administrative fees or otherwise.

Once you click the "donate" button, you will be directed to a webpage through CSM where you can give.